The Spirituality Project is assembling the world’s largest collection of personal stories with God. Why? Whether you’re religious or not-so-much, sharing a story about an experience or moment you had with a Higher Power can inspire others to explore their own spiritual life. It's also really uplifting to tell and read these stories and may make you realize we're more alike than we are different.

So what's your story? We can't wait to hear it.

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All are welcome.

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you call your higher power, your story is welcome here.

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Simple or mind-blowing, EVERY story matters.

It doesn’t need to be life-changing or miraculous—small connections are just as beautiful and often extra relatable.

No preaching here.

The Spirituality Project is about everyone sharing their unique experiences with God, not convincing others that your way is the way. 
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Anonymous is fine.

If you’re not comfortable using your name, you’re welcome to share your story anonymously.
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Here are some stories we've received:

I recently went on a solo hike. There wasn’t anyone around and I was surrounded by the sounds of nature, thinking about my life path. I think being able to disconnect from the noise allows this silent companionship with yourself and a higher power. Tapping into the quiet and knowing where I’m at allows me to receive the next step from God.


On a sweltering evening at Fenway, just after the sun had gone down and it had finally cooled off enough to relax, a black bird landed in left field and started hopping around. The PA started playing Black Bird by the Beatles and everyone sang along. In that moment I felt whole—at peace with myself, and the universe.


I always feel very connected to God through the wind. I sat on the beach one day with the wind blowing on my face and past my ears. Whenever the wind would pass my ears it sounded like God was speaking to me and my mood would gradually become lighter.


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